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Service Industries

Professional Services
The professional services sector is a significant portion of our client base. Law, medicine, and recruitment are well represented in a range of entities from the sole practitioner to multinational consultancies. In addition to the normal services of audit, accountancy and taxation we advise on the very special problems which arise when the income earning potential of the business is dependant upon individuals each with their own set of personal circumstances. Such advice may focus on a structure which allows expansion and wealth creation for current and future principals or it may simply be a retirement strategy for the business founder. We have a natural affinity with these clients and often advise based on our own experiences of a successful professional practice.

Consulting Engineers
We have experience providing taxation advice and assurance services to a medium and large organisations involved in engineering, design, planning of large scale projects in Australia and abroad.

Residential Aged Care
We have experience providing taxation advice and assurance services to the Australian Private Health Care industry covering Residential Aged Care Facilities located in New South Wales and Queensland.

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